The so what

All-Army CyberStakes provides you three unique things:

  1. A mechanism to recognize your best.
  2. High quality, deeply technical, individual training.
  3. A venue to demonstrate the excellence of your formation.

What we can provide

If you can provide us a list of emails for your unit we can generate:

  1. A custom organizational scoreboard during the competition.
  2. A detailed performance assessment for the individuals in your unit.

How you can help

The success of this event relies on leadership emphasis at all levels. Three recommendations we offer are:

  1. Block out some time on the training calendar for members of your unit to hack during work hours.
  2. Compete yourself. The competitors page has a number of resources to get prepared.
  3. Send your boss a link to this page ( so they can join in.

We are here to support

Email us at [email protected]. We would love to answer any questions and welcome any feedback on how we could improve the event for your organization.