Hack it at https://cyberstakes.acictf.com

Read this document completely and then go compete!



You must register with a valid @*.mil, @*.gov or @*.edu email address. You must also click the validation link that is emailed to you to complete your registration.

If you have not received an email after 30 minutes, please contact help@acictf.com from your valid address for manual validation. Be sure to include your username.

Competitive Categories

Once you register you should join your competitive group. Category (Group Name):

  • Cadet (Cadet)
  • Civilian (Civilian)
  • Junior Enlisted (Junior_Enlisted)
  • Non Commissioned Officer (NCO)
  • Warrant Officer (Warrant_Officer)
  • Officer (Officer)

To be eligible you must join the appropriate group from your profile page. This will add you to the scoreboard for that category. You should only join 1 competitive category.

Competition Details

Start: 0900 EDT, Friday, 24 April 2020

End: 2100 EDT, Sunday, 03 May 2020


This is a hacking competition. The challenges are intentionally vulnerable and you are fully authorized to attack them to gain flags (hosted on challenge.acictf.com or docker.acictf.com).

1. Do not attack the infrastructure

This includes acictf.com, cyberstakes.acictf.com or any of the challenge management features. If you believe you have found an unexpected vulnerability please contact security@acictf.com. At the discretion of the competition organizers you will be rewarded with bonus points.

2. Do not brute force

While there are no hard limits to the number of submission attempts a user can make during the event and there are no penalties for an incorrect submission, attempting to brute force flag submissions is explicitly prohibited and may be interpreted as malicious activity. It is not necessary.

3. Do not share flags or solutions

This is an individual competition. While it is ok, and even encouraged to discuss challenges (especially with beginners), the discussion should not cross over to sharing scripts, specific solve commands, or flags.

Using online resources is OK. Every participant is free to use any outside resources they have at their disposal in order to solve problems but should not search or ask (e.g. on StackOverflow) for the solutions to specific problems.

Do not post solutions online during the competition. After the conclusion of the event we will allow writeups to be posted.

These cover the main limitations. If you are unsure of something ask before proceeding.


Each challenge is worth a fixed number of points. You get points by solving challenges. The person with the most points wins. Simple.

Ties are broken in favor of the first person to a given score. There are no bonus points for “first solve”.


There are 6 competitive categories. The top performer in each category will be recognized.

While the competition is open to all federal employees. Only members of the U.S. Army, Department of the Army Civilians, ROTC, and service academy students are eligible for prizes.

If you have a question about your particular circumstance please contact us.

Competitive Categories

To be eligible you must join the appropriate group from your profile page.


If you have any questions or issues during the event please email help@acictf.com.